Prairie Sun Orchard Gourmet Ice Cream

Our goal is to make the finest gourmet ice cream possible! We make it with REAL cream, the base mix is all natural with no preservatives or artificial flavors. All the fruit flavors are made with local Saskatchewan grown fruit and are made by hand in our own ice cream factory.

Check out our flavors:  *Gluten free

Cherry*, Cherry Swirl*, Raspberry Swirl*, Saskatoon Swirl*, Strawberry*, Raspberry*, Vanilla*, Chocolate*, Caramel Apple*, Cherry with Dark Choc Chunks*, Strawberry with Milk Choc Chunks*, Chocolate Raspberry Fudge, Chocolate Cherry Fudge, Cookies & Cream, Cookie Dough, Caramel Bumbleberry Crunch, Espresso Mud Pie, Maple Walnut, Toasted Coconut, Haskap Swirl*, Wild Blueberry Swirl*, Black Currant Swirl*, Caramel Pumpkin-seasonal, Egg Nog-seasonal

Ice Cream Pies..

Custom Made Ice Cream Pies now available…

PSO Sour Cherry Topping


Made from sour cherries grown in our own orchard. Made with whole cherries in their own juice. “Gluten Free”. Great on numerous items from ice cream to Pork! Available year round in 375ml jars, 1lb containers and custom sizes for chefs.

Sour Cherry Spread

Our Newest product. Made from our own sour cherries. “Gluten Free”. DELICIOUS! Available year round in 250ml jars.

Cherry Almond Bark


For all the  Chocolate Lovers out there! Made with dark Callebeut chocolate, dried sour cherries and toasted almonds. Available year round.

Cherry Apple Crisp

A delicious Crisp made from our cherries and apples. Available year round.

Fresh and Frozen Fruit

We grow Dwarf Sour Cherries, Raspberries, Apples, Haskap and Strawberries. Available fresh in season and sour cherries available frozen throughout the year.

Sour Cherries   available in  17lb pails, 4ltr pails and 1ltr containers.

NEW SERVICE from Prairie Sun Orchard!!

Fruit Source

If there is a certain fruit that you can’t find and we don’t grow…we’ll try to source it for you!

Through our own network of local fruit growers we will try to source quality local fruit for you at a reasonable price.

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